Mayhem Racing Products - Skidz


Introducing the Mayhem Racing Products "Skidz".

Made from 3mm Aluminium, these Rear Chassis Skid Plates will protect your precious chassis from unwanted wear caused by abrasion and impact during racing. They are very hard wearing and durable, lasting extremely well even under the harshest conditions, and fit up easily using your exisiting diff screws.

Why wear our your expensive $80 - $100 chassis when you can simply use the Mayhem Racing Products - Skidz and effectively double or triple your chassis life for a fraction of the cost!

Do yourself, and your chassis, a favour! Grab a Skidz today!





Currently available for Mugen MBX6, MBX6-T, Team Associated RC8, RC8-T, and Kyosho MP9. More models to be added soon.